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New processing techniques have allowed for the creation of SOLYX ® Decorative Window Films. These products are taking the market by storm. Interior decorators, contractors, residential & commercial window installers are embracing these designs with open arms.

SOLYX ® Decorative Films come in different patterns and shades, and are easily removed and replaced to update the appearance at a later time. Now any flat glass surface can be turned into a work of art, be it an office, restaurant, den, bathroom or child's room. Frosted films diffuse light without appreciably cutting down the ambient light. As a result, any existing window can be converted to privacy glass in a number of attractive patterns.

SOLYX ® Decorative films will give your front door glass or skylight glass panels a leadlight decorative look, create a sensational bathroom screen or design an attractive room divider with an embossed and engraved look at a very affordable price.  SOLYX ® comes in an outstanding selection of styles to create a unique feature in your home or business.

In the hospitality industry there are many uses for these innovative new films.  Join the many overseas restaurants, cafes and bars that are already using this decorative film on their glass booths / room dividers / windows / doors / screens and mirrors, not only because it is cost effective and looks great but also because of the increased safety factor. 

By contrast, professionally installed enhancement films can replicate the look and feel of etched glass at a fraction of the price, and can be wiped clean with conventional glass cleaners. It is also easy to change, allowing you to update your look without replacing your windows.

Maximum Window Protection & Designs has films available in a range of finishes, patterns and colors – offering stylish, effective privacy without sacrificing natural light – or your budget.

SOLYX ® Decorative Films:

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